We Welcome Your Input!

The Friends of the Betsie Valley Trail (FBVT) is a non-profit charitable corporation whose sole purpose is “to advocate, promote and encourage the development and successful operation” of the Trail. In that regard the FBVT Board welcomes questions, comments or suggestions from Trail users. Our current Board membership is as follows:

Roger Perry, Anne Noah (Secy), John Rothhaar, Beth Roethler, Kris Welty,
Martha Garber, Pete Weir (VP). Absent: David Oellerich (Pres.), Bryce Dreeszen (Treas.)



2017-2018 Board Members

David Oellerich, President (813) 917-0436
Pete Weir, Vice President (231) 352-1414
Bryce Dreeszen, Treasurer (231) 275-7199
Kris Welty, Secretary (231) 352-9535
Martha Garber (231) 882-7088
Roger Perry (231) 383-4069
Beth Roethler (602) 818-2649
John Rothhaar (231) 383-5738

To contact one of the foregoing by email, click on the person’s name. Here are some possible areas of inquiry:

    • Trail brochures with maps are available at the Benzie County Chamber of Commerce, 826 Michigan Ave. in Benzonia (231-882-5801).
    • General questions about use of the Trail can be directed to Trail CareCoordinators Flint Watt (231-342-9739) or John Rothhaar (231) 383-5738, or to any of the Board members listed above.
    • To become a member or make a donation, click on DONATE! and follow the directions.
    • To volunteer to work on a project involving the Trail click on Volunteer or contact Flint Watt or John Rothhaar.
    • To arrange to have an event listed on the Trail Schedule or to share a photo for the Pictures page, contact Bryce Dreeszen.
    • To inquire about making a tax-deductible contribution to FBVT or the William R. Olsen Endowment Fund, contact David Oellerich.