Report Volunteer Hours

If you’ve provided volunteer hours, in any capacity, to the Friends of the Betsie Valley Trail, please report your hours by submitting this form.

There are two very important reasons for you to report your volunteer hours on a regular basis (we suggest weekly or monthly):

  1. The volunteer support we bring to the running of the Trail is just as, if not more, important as the monetary support the Friends provide. It’s vital for us to have accurate accounting of our volunteers’ efforts so we can show the community and Trailways Counsel all the ways the Friends contribute to the betterment of the Trail.
  2. We want to recognize YOU! We love to recognize our volunteers for their dedication to the Trail and give special thanks to those who put in extraordinary time.

IMPORTANT: Please use the same spelling of your first and last name, and the same email address each time you report hours so we can easily find and add to your running total.


Report Your Volunteer Hours