Betsie Valley Trail Map

Betsie Valley Trail
betsie valley trail in the summer
betsie valley trail in the summer

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Highlights of the Trail

Start of the Trail

From Cannon Park to Mollineaux is 6.7 Miles of Asphalt Trail
Scenic Bestie River Crossings
Excellent Birding Opportunities

Crystal Lake

3 Miles Along Crystal Lake
Beach Access
2 Miles of 10ft Easement on Private Property. Read Trail Signs.

Stop & Relax in Town

Restaurants, Ice Cream, Camping, and Accommodations
Off Road Parking in Frankfort, Elberta, and Beulah
Bike Rentals

End of the Trail

12 Miles (Beulah -> Thompsonville)
Aggregate Trail Surface
6.5 Miles of the Pere Marquette State Forest
Wetlands for Bird Watching

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