The Friends of the Betsie Valley Trail have installed internet service at the Beulah Trailhead and Visitor Center building. The group is pleased to announce the public can now use the high-speed Wi-fi service free of charge while at the location.

“With the new resurfacing project that’s going to start later this year at the Beulah trailhead and heading towards Thompsonville,” said Friends public relations person Jim Gribble, “the Friends are looking to enhance the building and its surroundings. Providing internet access at the location was one of our initial steps.”

“We’ve made free-Wi-Fi available to all who visit the trailhead,” he continued, “and the Benzie County Chamber of Commerce has been transferring much of their Way-finding Literature to the visitor center.”

screenshot of webcam image looking at Beulah, the trail, and Crystal Lake

Click on the webcam image to go to the live video!

The group has also installed a camera pointing from the building towards the Trail as it runs along Crystal Lake which is providing 24/7 webcam images that can be viewed at

“Initial response to the webcam has been overwhelmingly positive,” commented Gribble, “We’re hoping trail users and folks who just want to see the weather conditions in Beulah will visit our website to view the live video images.”

Friends Board Member, Jan Fiola was the project manager for the Wi-fi and Webcam. She spent many hours at the trailhead building waiting for the internet service provider to show up for the installation and follow-up trouble-shooting. She also worked with a friend to install the camera and software. Great work Jan!

The Friends are currently looking for a continuing sponsor of the public Wi-Fi and webcam. The sponsor will be prominently featured on the webcam webpage, on signage at the Beulah trailhead building, and on the Friends’ Business Sponsors page. Please contact if interested.