The Friends are extremely excited to have local triathlete, Frederik Stig-Nielsen representing us and raising funds as he competes in this year’s IRONMAN 70.3 Michigan event. As you’ll learn in the following entertaining interview, Fred is quite well-known in the community. Not just for providing criminal defense services as part of his law practice in Frankfort with his wife, Betsy, but also for his popularity at open mic nights at the Cabbage Shed where he and Betsy have lived since 2014.

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Best of Luck Fred — We’re All Rooting for You!

Below is Part I — “The Trail” Fred shares his first memories of the Betsie Valley Trail and how he and his growing family use the Trail today.

Below is Part II — “The Cabbage Shed” Fred reflects on his and Betsy’s heartfelt love for the Elberta establishment that’s responsible for their circle of close friends and where they have become well-known by the locals. Fred also takes us back to the day of the “blessed event” that has become lore in Benzie County.

Below is Part III — “Goals for the Race” Fred candidly shares his personal goals for the IRONMAN and how he hopes to finish.

Below is Part IV — “Message of Motivation” Fred shares his personal motivation for deciding to train for and compete in the IRONMAN and his message of encouragement for others.

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