One of the important services the Friends provide is the distribution of trail maps to users on the trail. Over the past decade, one volunteer has kept those trail map boxes full all season long — and according to Dan Remahl’s copious records, he distributed 18,781 of them!

When Dan stopped by the Annual Meeting earlier this month, he let us know that this would be his last season distributing trail maps. We were sad to hear of Dan’s decision and are most grateful for his years of service. (If you would like to take over Dan’s trail map route, please see how at the end of this post.)

Dan received one of our Rusty Spike awards a couple years ago and when asked for a few words for this post, he humbly expressed his appreciation and pointed out that he’s “already been recognized”.

Fact is, over the decades, Dan has volunteered his time and effort in any number of ways in service to the trail — from running a chainsaw and a weed wacker to serving on the County Rec Board. 

When asked about his experience with the trail, Dan commented, “I’ve enjoyed exploring many different parts of Benzie County while using the trail and I’ve met some really interesting people over the years. After my wife and I retired and moved here from Chicago, our involvement with the trail has been a wonderful part of our lives.”

Dan is happy to show a new volunteer his map distribution route along the trail. If you’re interested in this self-guided volunteer role, please send an email to our Trail Care Coordinator, John Rothharr at or simply fill out our volunteer form.


Replacement Trail Care Coordinator IS STILL NEEDED – You may have read about John’s great work as our TCC for the past four years in our recent post: Volunteer Spotlight on Our Trail Care Coordinator John Rothhaar. Well, John is looking to transition out of his role by next year, so now would be a great time for a potential replacement to work into the position gradually or at least to investigate what is involved. Feel free to give John a call to discuss your possible interest in becoming our next Trail Care Coordinator!