We need your help to continue to develop and maintain the Betsie Valley Trail. There are two ways to help:

  • By making a financial contribution. Whether you are just becoming a Friend of the Trail or are a long-time member, your donation will be most appreciated! To contribute simply go to our DONATE! page and follow the easy directions there.

  •  By helping on the Trail as a volunteer. We need volunteers to help with these Trail projects:
    • Adopt-a-Trail Spring Cleanup:  We need individuals to walk the trail between River Road and Mollineaux Road to pick up trash and clear the shoulders of branches, rocks, etc., so  the shoulders can be mowed. No tools are needed. Unisex, any age.
    • Tree Removal:  Each spring (and later, as needed) we drive the trail and, with chain saws, remove downed trees and branches; trim brush and do minor trail repairs. This requires some muscle.
    • Construction:  From time to time we build retaining walls, place signs, make minor repiars to the Trail and bridges, fashion and place mile markers, etc. Some muscle and skill needed.
      • The Trail work projects start at 8:00 – 9:00 a.m. and don’t last more than four hours. We don’t work in bad weather.
    • Mailing Committee:  We generally have two to three mailings to the membership a year (newsletters or December appeal letters). After the materials are printed, a group meets to put them together for mailing. It takes only a couple of hours, and everyone enjoys the camaraderie (not to mention the treats!).
If you can help with any of these projects, click on Volunteer Application and follow the directions.