Bequests to the Trail
Bequests are the most popular planned giving method used by donors. They are easy to understand and do not require the donor to part with assets during life. This provides the donor peace of mind–knowing that assets are available to satisfy unforeseen expenses such as medical or nursing home costs. A bequest may always be revoked by the donor if necessary. A bequest to FBVT is a written statement in your will directing that specific assets, or a percentage of the estate, will be transferred to the FBVT directly, or to the William R. Olsen Endowment Fund of the Betsie Valley Trail, when the bequest is realized.

In consultation with your attorney and financial advisor, a bequest to the Trail may be made when a will is first created, or later through a codicil to an existing will. Sample language to help you define and execute your charitable intentions for making gifts is provided below:

1.  Endowment Bequest:

“I give to the William R. Olsen Endowment Fund
the sum of ______ dollars and/or_______shares of _________________
and/or real property _______________________________ through the
Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation.”

2.  Non-endowment Bequest:

“I give to the Friends of the Betsie Valley Trail (FBVT)
the sum of _________dollars and/or ___________shares
of__________________and/or the following real property
to be used for general support purposes as determined
by the FBVT Board.”

If you have a specific request as to how your bequest is to be used, it should be made in a separate written document to the Friends of the Betsie Valley Trail when the bequest is given. If you have any additional questions about bequests, feel free to contact Jim Ryan (231-352-7024) at FBVT or Phil Ellis (231-935-4066) at GTRCF.